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The MAXTRA+ cartridges are Brita’s new upgraded cartridges, which they claim to have added benefits to the older MAXTA cartridges. Brita claims the MAXTRA+ cartridges have enhanced MicroFlow Technology which removes more impurities and leaves the water tasting better. The new mesh, which is 25% finer than the MAXTRA cartridges, and micro carbon pearls reduce even more chlorine and impurities.


Are MAXTRA and MAXTRA Plus cartridges interchangeable?

Yes. All existing Brita jugs can fit either the MAXTRA or MAXTRA Plus cartridges and this has been confirmed by Brita. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about compatibility when choosing. We recommend going for the MAXTRA+ though as they work out slightly cheaper and it is likely that Brita will phase out the older version over time. Our thoughts are re-enforced by reading some user reviews and seeing some people have been sent the newer version when specifically ordering the old one. This is not an issue for most, but the newer version can be slightly harder to remove as it doesn’t have the looped ring at the top to pull on (see image below).


Where to buy Brita filters?

Brita is one of the biggest water filtration suppliers and many big supermarkets stock their products. You can also buy filters directly from Amazon. If you’d like to purchase a Brita jug, but you’re not sure which one you want, you can use our guide for the most popular options here. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any other questions.

brita maxtra vs maxtra plus
Maxtra (on left) and Maxtra+ (on right)

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