Brita jugs

Deciding which Brita filter jug to get can be confusing for most people. There are so many different models and it’s not always clear what the differences are between them all. This guide will hopefully make it a little bit clearer which one is the most suitable for you.

Firstly, I’ll start with the stuff that’s common amongst all of the following Brita filter jugs. They all make use of MAXTRA+ MicroFlow Technology, which is Brita’s two-step filtration process contained within the recyclable cartridges. A non-woven screen filters larger particles/sediment, then activated carbon and ion resins filters out impurities (limescale, chlorine, etc.) and reduce the water’s hardness.

All of the handheld jugs are designed to fit in the average fridge and all are dishwasher safe (excluding the lid). All of them are also fitted with an electronic indicator to inform you when to change the cartridges as well.

Best Brita jugs – UK 2019

(cm, W x H x D)
25.6 x 25.8 x 10.4
26.5 x 27.5 x 1125.0 x 26.5 x 10.0
26.7 x 27.7 x 10.9
(of filtered water)
Available colours7 (including white & basic blue)3 (including white-soft grey/blue)3 (including white & black)2 (including white & blue)
Cartridge replacement indicator systemBrita memoBrita smart lightBrita meterBrita memo
What makes it unique?Middle of the range, Brita’s most popular jugPure, harmonious design & cutting edge techPremium model:
Ergonomic handle & non-slip base
Robust & straightforward
Availability White Marella White ElemarisSoft Grey StyleWhite Aluna

The specifications of the above jugs are all for the large version, however, they all come in an XL  size as well (except the style jug).

Marella , 4.5/5 rating (our favourite)

The Marella is the highest rated Brita jug with regards to customer reviews on Amazon. The practical design and wide range of colours make it great for most families (it also comes in an XL size). It’s easy to refill by using the flip lid and the Brita memo will tell you exactly when to replace the cartridges.

Style, 4/5 rating

As the name suggests, this jug offers a sleek, simple and contemporary look. That, combined with Brita’s innovative traffic light system to remind you when to replace the cartridge, means it’s perfect for the younger generation. The biggest drawback of this jug is that the opening you pour water out of is not covered, therefore dust and bugs can quite easily end up in your water.

Elemaris, 3.5/5 rating

This is meant to be Brita’s premium jug, coming fitted with an ergonomic soft grip handle and a non-slip base. It comes with an electronic METER system which means it takes several factors into account before telling you to replace the cartridge (it measures the time since last change, the volume of water filtered and the hardness of the water). Many users have complained about what seems to be a design flaw though, which is the handle leaks water once the jug has been filled to full capacity.

Aluna, 3/5 rating

The Aluna is Brita’s budget filter jug which, although cheaper than others, can be frustrating to use. The whole lid will need to be removed each time you want to refill it (compared to the flip lid others have) and it can be fiddly to replace. Many people have complained that the lid isn’t a great fit and it doesn’t feel as high quality as other Jugs.

So, there you have it, Marella is our favourite Brita jug (closely followed by style, and then Elemaris and Aluna).

MAXTRA vs MAXTRA+ cartridges… which is best?

All of the newer jugs make use of MAXTRA+ cartridges, which is the latest technology available. Brita claims the new cartridges have enhanced MicroFlow Technology. The 25% finer mesh and micro carbon pearls will reduce even more chlorine and impurities. You CAN use MAXTRA cartridges on jugs that were designed to take MAXTRA+ ones.

What’s the difference between Brita’s memo, meter, and smart light system?

Brita recommends you change the MAXTRA+ cartridge at least every 4 weeks, however, all jugs come with an electronic replacement indicator to remind you when to change the cartridges.

The Brita MEMO system tracks the time since you last replaced your cartridge. When you fit a new filter the memo system will show 4 bars and each bar lasts approximately 1 week.

The Brita METER system is more intelligent as it takes 3 factors into account to indicate when it’s time to replace your cartridge – the volume of water filtered, the water hardness and the time since the cartridge was last replaced. Similar to the MEMO, 4 bars are displayed on the indicator to show full life.

The Brita Smart Light system makes use of innovative technology and is aimed at the younger generation. A single light will indicate when it’s time for you to change the cartridge (GREEN – okay, YELLOW – nearly time to replace and RED – time to change). It takes into account the volume of water used and the time since the cartridge was last replaced.